Ants are a common pest they can be a real problem and effective control requires extensive knowledge of the biology and habits of many different species.

Ants can nest in wall cavities, roof void areas, subfloors, gardens, behind wall cladding, in the ground or even in electrical appliances and undisturbed areas inside the home.
Most ant species feed on both proteins and carbohydrates, generally feeding in cycles. Ants can and will move their nests depending on environmental conditions it is possible for them to relocate to higher ground during periods of heavy rainfall, and alternatively move closer to a water source during times of drought.

Ants live in colonies each colony containing individual casts, workers, soldiers, and reproductives each cast is dependent on the colony for survival.
Successful control of an ant infestation in your home involves the following process;

  • Initial inspection
  • Positive identification of the ant species
  • Application of registered insecticides to all suspected harbourage areas and nesting sites
  • Removal and/or rectification of conducive conditions that may result in re-infestation

Northern Rivers Pest Control is one of the few companies that offer a free 12 month service warranty period with most residential treatments for Common Ants.

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