Termites and Inspections

Termites or White Ants are very common along the East Coast of Australia and the Northern Rivers is a well known “Hotspot” termites result in millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and properties every year.
Secretive and very destructive Termites are constantly foraging around your home or property looking for a food source which is anything that contains Cellulose this is the sugary substance contained within timber that termites feed on.
Termites generally build gallerys or mud leads over the edge of concrete slabs, up foundation walls and brick piers or termites enter the home through built up garden beds and old forming timbers, there are many different ways that termites or white ants can access a building and secretly feed on your property causing extensive damage to both structural and decorative timbers.

Some Important Facts about Termites;

Australian Standards recommend that you have your home inspected for termites every 6-12 months
Termites are not like black ants you will not see them walking around your home, termites feed on the inside of timbers and can leave the surface relatively in tact.
It is likely that your home is under threat by more than one termite colony.
Not all Pest Control Company’s are competent in the control of Subteranean Termites this is a specialist field with seperate accreditation requirements and involves extensive knowledge of termite biology and years of experience in effective Termite treatment procedures.
There are more than 300 different species of termites in Australia however only around 12 termite species are recognised as a direct threat to your home.

Home Owner Warning Northern Rivers Termite ControlWhat to do if you find termites or what you suspect are termites;
for your

Don’t panic!!!
If you locate what you think are termites try not to disturb them
If you have removed a piece of timber or furniture and find termite activity behind it gently place it back where you found it.

Call Northern Rivers Pest Control our experienced staff will be able to confirm what you have found is termites and guide you through the process of identification, termite treatment options and elimination of the attacking termitecolony.

Do Not be tempted to reach for the fly spray!!!
Killing a few hundred termites will not solve your problem (The Queen termite can produce up to 1000 termites in 24 hours) it may just make the process of eliminating the termites all the more difficult and could result in additional expenses.

The more termites we have to work with provides us with additional termite treatment options and avenues to tailor a suitable termite elimination plan for your individual requirements.