Cockroaches are a major problem on the NSW North Coast, many different species  can be found in and around the home. The larger varieties such as the American Cockroach, Australian Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach and Smokey Brown Cockroach will nest in a wide variety of areas such as roof voids, subfloor areas, wall cavities , drains, gardens, trees and mulched areas.

These cockroaches are most commonly found wondering around the home at night, scurrying across kitchen benches, around floor edges and patio areas.

They carry diseases which can easily be transferred from the locations they nest in to areas that they frequent throughout your home. They can fly in from gardens and enter the home through pipe entries, cracks, crevices, doors, windows, vents and weep holes.

These larger Cockroaches are easily controlled by your local Northern Rivers Pest Control Technician. Treatment involves identification of the target species and application of target specific Pesticides to interior, roof void, subfloor, wall cavities, and exterior areas of your home.

Northern Rivers Pest Control is one of the few Pest Control Companies that offer a full 12month free Service Warranty Period for the control of these common household pests.

German Cockroaches are a smaller species of cockroach that multiply rapidly, unlike the larger species of cockroaches the German Cockroach doesn’t come in from outside, they are either already established in the property prior to you moving in or they are carried into the property in electrical appliances, 2nd hand goods, cardboard boxes, plastic bags etc,…

The German cockroach only lives for around 6 weeks however by the time they are 2 weeks old they are already laying egg cases, each egg case containing more than 30 baby cockroaches.

In 6 weeks one German cockroach can produce hundreds of offspring.
These cockroaches nest inside your electrical appliances, kettles, toasters, telephones, fax machines, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, kitchen cupboards, and around hot water systems.
It is not uncommon for the population of German Cockroaches to become so dense in these appliances that they cause short circuits and electrical faults.

We know of cases where people have lived with German Cockroaches for years thinking that no matter what you do you cant get rid of them, due to the fact that they have called in other Pest Control Company’s that failed to effectively eliminate the dreaded German Cockroach.

Northern Rivers Pest Control will confidently offer a full 12month free Service Warranty Period for the control of these pests, there is no need to leave the house while we carry out the treatment, and no need to empty out kitchen cupboards.
If you have been putting up with cockroaches call us now you have probably spent more on fly spray this year than what it would cost you to eliminate these nasty pests.

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