Spiders are some peoples worst nightmare, on the NSW North Coast spiders are a common problem not just because they can be dangerous and nasty but if left unchecked they can cover your home in unsightly webs.

Spider webs around doors, windows, gutters, eaves, across garden paths, on fences and in trees, if your tired of walking through webs we can clear your home of these unsightly and at times intimidating pests.

If the webs aren’t bad enough the northern rivers has some of the worlds most deadly spiders The Northern Tree Dwelling Funnel Web Spider calls these parts home as does the Redback Spider which is more common and found in all the wrong areas, these spiders live in close proximity to people and can often be found nesting beneath pot plants, in drains, under hedges, in garden sheds, cubby houses, under play equipment or even inside the roof cavity or at times in the house.

The Redback Spider web is easily distinguished from other spider webs as it is commonly found to be dirty and cluttered with loose debris and leaves with white fluffy looking egg cases in among the debris, unlike the funnelweb spider where both the male and female are dangerous (the male more so) it is the female Redback spider that is the dangerous one she is the one with the distinguishable red blaze on her back, the male is very small and really poses no threat.

Another Spider that we are concerned with is the White Tailed Spider a hunter of other spiders who is commonly found inside homes, around curtains, inside roofs and in leaf litter these spiders have been associated with necrotic lesions however this has been a topic of debate.

An effective treatment for spiders involves treating any suspected interior nesting sites, roof voids, subfloor areas, external walls, doors, windows, gutters, eaves, gardens, shrubs and fences with a registered insecticide.

Northern Rivers Pest Control Offers a a full 12month free Service Warranty Period for the control of these pests.

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