Possums & Pest Birds

Possums and Pest Bird Control Northern Rivers NSW

Parks and Wildlife Pest Control Northern Rivers

Northern Rivers Pest Control is licenced by NSW Parks and wildlife for the control of Pest Birds and Possums.

Possums are a protected species however can become a problem when they decide to move into your home and nest inside your roof cavity.

If left to live in your roof void they will soil your wall/ceiling linings staining your internal paint work and gyprock.

Possums leave large amounts of faecal matter nesting material and greasy black runways inside your roof space, they become smelly and unhygenic.

Possums can only be lawfully removed by a licenced professional and strict legislation must be adheard to.

Northern Rivers Pest Control can also supply and fit Possum Boxes so your possum has a new home to move into once removed from your roof/wall/floor cavity.

Pest Birds such as pigeons can become a problem in built up areas, they spread disease and their feacal matter is unsitely and can cause permanent staining.

Birds are intelligent and comunicate very effectively, populations can build up quickly and are the cause of some major health problems including Salmonella and Psittacosis.

Effective Feral Bird control requires an excellent understanding of the biology and roosting/nesting habits of these Pests and requires a good knowledge of control procedures including, baiting, proofing, trapping, scare tactics and electric shock tracks. Pest bird problems vary from one site to the next so customized solutions should be developed for each clients unique requirements.