Possums & Feral Birds



The Northern Rivers Region of NSW is a wildlife sanctuary and we must strive to preserve our native flora and fauna. The two common types of possums we encounter are the Brushtail Possum and its little cousin the Ringtail Possum.

Sometimes Possums move into our living environment making homes in our walls, roof cavities and subfloor areas. It can be entertaining at first however as the population grows and the fights over territory begin it soon starts to keep you awake at night and that’s no laughing matter.

Combine the noise with the damage possums can potentially cause to your home with the smell of possum faeces and urine wafting through your home and it’s time to call the professionals.

At Northern Rivers Pest Control we are licensed to capture and remove possums from your home, this involves several different methods that we incorporate to cause minimal distress to the possums and may involve trapping, use of a one way doors, surveillance systems, removal of vegetation, the use of access collars and proofing.

Proofing off areas accessible to possums is essential as we are not permitted to take the possum further than 50 meters from where it was trapped, this is of the utmost importance. Due to their territorial nature a new possum removed from its environment and introduced to a new location could become a victim of resident possum population resulting in life threatening injuries.


Feral Birds

Introduced species of pest birds are becoming more prevalent in Northern NSW numbers of feral Pigeons, Indian Minor Birds, Starlings and Sparrows are on the increase.

Northern Rivers Pest Control is licensed to carry out baiting programs to eradicate these Pests and can provide you with several options for feral bird control including trapping, netting, spikes, proofing, shock tracks, and bird scaring devices.

We have knowledge and experience in handling and controlling feral bird infestations on both large scale commercial sites and also small scale localised treatments for residences.

Feral birds nesting in your roof or wall cavity can pose a significant health risk through their constant defecation and contaminated nesting materials, they can also interrupt your sleep patterns and result in an influx of bird mites which can cause severe itching allergic reactions and mental anguish.