They aren’t really white and not really ants but commonly known as “white ants” they have earnt the reputation as the most destructive timber pests known to man. Termites are prolific throughout Northern NSW. Northern Rivers Pest Control specialises in termite management tailoring specific preventative and curative treatments suited to your needs.

Some of the services we provide to protect your home from termite attack are:-

  • Termite Inspections – have your property inspected by a trained and accredited professional, with years of experience and knowledge of termite biology and behaviour.
    The threat of termite attack in Australia is so severe that the Australian Standards recommend you have your home inspected every (6) six months and you shouldn’t let it go for longer than (12) months.
  • Termite Baiting Programs– Installed strategically and discreetly around the home the random and continuous foraging nature of termites allows invites the termites into the bait stations in which we incorporate a bait matrix that the termites consume on mass and tunnel back to the nest unaware that it is detrimental to their survival. Once the bait is consumed and dispersed throughout the colony an inability to moult results in death and leads to total elimination
  • Termite Chemical Barrier Treatments– Treatment for prevention or control in an existing building or one under construction is definitely work for a trained professional
  • The use of non-repellent termiticides means that termites cannot detect the product and continue to work through the treated area until they pick up a lethal dose, those that don’t pick up a lethal dose transfer the termiticide to other members of the colony through the grooming and feeding process which can in turn bring about the destruction of the entire colony.  These non-repellent termiticides are applied as a continuous barrier around and under the home in accordance with Australian Standards 3660.1 (pre-construction) and 3660.2 (post construction) this involves trenching, drilling, injecting flooding and spraying at the required rate to ensure long lasting and complete protection of the structure.
  • Termite Nest Location & Eradication- Living & dead trees and stumps are the favoured nesting sites of the major termite species, usually found in the root crown of the tree. Where a colony of any tree nesting species is suspected, the trees root crown must be probed and the tree trunk drilled. By drilling into the tree trunk a colony can be confirmed by the presence of termite mudding and live termites. The termite colony will also have a higher temperature than the ambient air temperature, which can be measured using a thermal probe. Following the discovery of a termite colony in a tree, the colony can be treated using an approved insecticidal dust. Often, when houses exist within the range of a termite colony, extensive damage can occur in a short period of time.

If you uncover termites, try to put things back as they were. Ripping out timber or reaching for the fly spray may kill the few termites in those timbers, but in doing so you have lessened the chances of one of our experts effectively treating the main nest. They will most likely regroup and attack another section of the structure.

Control your anxiety, waiting another few days before treatment makes little difference to the extent of the damage.


Subfloor Ventilation

Inadequate subfloor ventilation promotes mould growth, rising damp, wood rot, odours, moulds and mildew which could result in ongoing health problems and structural issues in the home

Inadequate cross flow ventilation also increases the likelihood of termite attack

Northern Rivers Pest control can provide you with an obligation free proposal to install brass mesh vents and or exhaust fans to improve your cross flow ventilation