Subfloor Ventilation

Subfloor Ventilation on the Northern Rivers-
Musty smells, mould or a feeling of dampness are some of the indicators that your ventillation is inadequate.
Aletta Ventillation Installers Northern Rivers

Poor Subfloor ventilation can result in wood decay and fungal spores in your subfloor area, dampness and an increased likelyhood of termite attack on your home.
Thousands of homes in the Northern Rivers District are built Subfloor Brass Mesh Vents Northern Rivers NSWwith a suspended timber floor constructed over bricked in subfloor areas, when these areas are well ventilated they remain out of site and out of mind.
However when these areas are poorly ventilated they provide the perfect environment for termites.
If you suspect your ventilation is inadequate contact Northern Rivers Pest control to discuss what ventilation options are suitable for your home.